About HiLife

We are a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing Health & Wellness. We believe this is the time for each of us to
1) recognize simple health tools,
2) implement sustainable diet and activities and
3) experience trust arising from integrating genuinely with our community.


Why are we doing this?

Society has moved too eagerly into consumerism over the last 200 years.

Our program is based on ‘Heartful Living’, our unique Self-Inquiry based Cardiac Wellness clinics since 2015 in Columbia, Missouri, USA.

Our core values are from ancient Indian yoga and Siddha principles.

Modern positive psychology tools are employed to engage heart patients.

HiLife is a mobile health self-tracking tool to enhance your health. We aim to scientifically prove the benefits of Si from you living better.

About Dr. Anand Chockalingam

Anand Chockalingam is an Associate professor of Medicine at the University of Missouri, based in Columbia since 2006. His major emphasis is cardiomyopathy, mental stress and holistic interventions with over 65 original publications. He gives invited lectures on stress cardiomyopathy and heart failure at several international conferences. He features regularly in TV, radio and print media to increase awareness about heart health. He collaborates with exercise and nutrition scientists to improve diet, exercise and lifestyle for cardiac patients. He has pioneered a unique ‘Heartful Living’ cardiac wellness program both in the US and India for improving health through deeper self-inquiry. Over the last 5 years, hundreds of heart patients have gained insight and confidence through the 8- week course. Find here some of Dr Chockalingam’s recent,  Paul Pepper TV interviews. and Academic efforts and research details.


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